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Lucky Road

Jeff Van Horn has been a runner for most of his life

Once a competitive runner, Jeff now runs for leisure and fun & in 2019 completed a 50K at the age of 55. As an often injured runner Jeff became interested in Sports Medicene and earned a degree from Central Michigan. His hope was to help people run injury free. He never imagined that the way he would be helping people was by owning & operating a specialty run shop. Jeff opened his first shop in 1999 in Fredericksburg, VA and it grew to 3 stores quickly. Through a turn of events, Jeff started over with Lucky Road Run Shop in Midlothian in 2012 and now there are 3 locations and he is very happy to be back in Fredericksburg, VA where his journey began. 


Jeff's family moved a lot during his youth. He has lived in Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey & Michigan. While a high school student in Texas Jeff began his running career and he had a talent, he was fast! 

We make running fun

Running should be fun. It’s great for both your physical and mental health.
It gets people together in the community to help support worthy causes; it brings families together and gets people outside!

More about the story....

 In High School, Jeff set a course record at Garrett Mountain and it stood for 13 years. During his college years Jeff earned an All American Award. He loved running but he was often injured. He says he wishes he knew the things he knows now back in the day and he would probably have been an even better runner. 

Jeff continued to run in his adult years and even tried to qualify for the Olympic trials. Unfortunately, injury prevented him from reaching that goal.

Jeff met Desiree in 2012, she had never purchased running shoes from a specialty shop and had only started running her late 30's. The two have blended these two perspectives to create a store that caters to the needs of both elite athletes and those who don't really consider themselves runners but they really are! Now as a team, the atmosphere at Lucky Road is one you want to be a part of. The team of people are diverse and can relate to athletes of all abilities. The goal is to help you succeed in all that you set out to do!